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Deb Boyer

Where are you? There's been a pardigm shift since the Lord of the Lies ascended into the most powerful office in the land, possibly the world - although I think that de facto position may now belong to Putin. The White House abruptly went from the cool, calm, collected, and Constitutionally informed Obama at the helm to a state of continual chaos and outrageous assertions, tweets and outright embarrassments and frightening policies with Trump and his Machiavellian entourage now in power. Your readers need the assurance of your intelligent assessment of all things political - and bears! - now more than ever!

Jeff Mariotte


As always, I appreciate your readership and support.

The truth is, the outrages flowing from this new administration and its allies in the dysfunctional Congress are coming so fast that its hard to know where to start. Cataloguing them, much less doing the research necessary to analyze them and put them into some kind of context, feels like a full-time job, and unfortunately, I already have basically two of those. I might try to ease back into it, if theres ever a moment where the outrages slack off so I can focus on just one or a handful.

Thanks for staying informed, and #Resist!

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